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The letter of the President of Weco

The letter of the President of Weco

Dear Valued Client,


As a business operating in several countries, with multi-national clients, we recognise the importance of taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and keeping public health and safety front and centre in our minds.

Our business needs to go on…

 “At Weco Travel , we are embracing and respecting physical distancing but not social distancing – we can still communicate and serve your requirements in these challenging times.”

As more and more countries are taking action to manage and mitigate the risk of coronavirus, we are seeking to ensure all of our team members, customers and partners are well. For those of you who have colleagues or relatives in affected cities or countries, we wish them well and for anyone actually affected a fast recovery.

The priority of the company in this situation is to ensure the continuity of the services provided, while ensuring the safety of both customers and employees of Weco - Travel . As part of the organizational structure, a team was established whose tasks include ongoing monitoring of the situation and coordination of all actions taken.

As already informed virtualization of workstations in our company currently allows our employees to perform all activities remotely - via computers, software, website, as well as telephone contact and video calls.

We have also introduced a number of internal procedures to ensure employee safety and continuity of services. The number of internal and external meetings are limited to the necessary minimum.

As a company, we have no doubt that this will cause us some challenges and may cause uncertainty for some of our clients, but, we are ready and prepared and weathering the storm.

We also believe that if we each do our little part in limiting and mitigating opportunities for transmission as much as we can, we might actively contribute to the efforts of flattening the curve.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss any issues you are facing, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will do our best to assist.

Stay safe!


 J J Singh

President & CEO, Central Europe.