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Weco-Travel Kft. was founded in the spring of 1990 when the travel management division of Chemolimpex Foreign Trade Company became independent. In 2006 the Danish Weco-Travel Central Eastern Europe acquired majority ownership in the company, which therefore became part of the Eastern-European regional network – that is the Weco-Group, which is present in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania. Subsequently, Weco-Travel joined RADIUS Global Travel Management Company, thus creating the opportunity to be able to serve not only regional but also large companies with global coverage.

Since the foundation of the company we have received several awards from professional organizations for our activities, of which – in addition to our position as market leader – we are really proud.

•    Radius Travel USA
•    MUISZ – Magyar Utazási Irodák Szövetsége / Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies
•    MARESZ – Magyar Rendezvényszervezők és szolgáltatók Szövetsége

•    IATA – International Air Transport Association
•    MKEH –  Hungarian Trade Licensing Office

•    Amadeus Hungary – "Corporate Solutions Specialists" award