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About Weco-Travel


Weco-Travel Kft. was founded in the spring of 1990 when the travel management division of Chemolimpex Foreign Trade Company became independent. In 2006 the Danish Weco-Travel Central Eastern Europe acquired majority ownership in the company, which therefore became part of the Eastern-European regional network – that is the Weco-Group, which is present in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania. Subsequently, Weco-Travel joined RADIUS Global Travel Management Company, thus creating the opportunity to be able to serve not only regional but also large companies with global coverage.

Since the foundation of the company we have received several awards from professional organizations for our activities, of which – in addition to our position as market leader – we are really proud.

Experience and good relations with customers

Our customers and business partners have bestowed their trust in us, as we are capable of cooperating with them on the highest level and implementing even the most difficult tasks. We are able to do this, because our activities rely on increasing service quality and investments in the team. This way of operating offers real effects. A stable and strong position on the market is also the result of cooperation with partner offices, airlines, carriers, financial institutions, as well as suppliers of IT systems.

Modern Technology

Weco-Travel is an innovative company, oriented towards technological solutions allowing the customer to be serviced in a comprehensive manner and in compliance with customers’ expectations. Thanks to this, we are a leader in Poland and one of the leading companies in CEE. Offices outside of Poland also make use of our experience in management and business development. Constant investments in development allow us to organise business travel at the highest level. This directly translates to customer satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

We believe that social responsibility is not simply a fashionable slogan. We are convinced that development can be sustained only by managing the natural, economic and human resources economically.

We love nature and protect its balance. Our aim is to reduce the environmentally harmful effects in everyday operation.

The most respected values of our company are: the staff members, and our teams' loyalty.

We undertake solidarity with global social matters to the extent our strengths allow us, such as supporting child health services which we have been committed to.

We are aware that being a successful company with good reputation, our opportunities are greater to shape both our society and environment.


  • Radius Travel USA
  • MUISZ – Magyar Utazási Irodák Szövetsége / Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies
  • MARESZ – Magyar Rendezvényszervezők és szolgáltatók Szövetsége


  • IATA – International Air Transport Association
  • MKEH –  Hungarian Trade Licensing Office


  • Ratehawk: Gold Partner (2019)
  • EUB: kiemelt partner (2019)
  • Emirates: best travel agent partner (2019)
  • Turkish Airlines: best travel agent partner(2019, 2018)
  • Travelport: online innovation award (2017)

  • Amadeus Hungary – "Corporate Solutions Specialists" award (2016) 

  • Budapest Airport: best travel agent (2015)